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Taaleri is a Finnish growth company that is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki’s main market. Its business consists of wealth management, financing, and energy operations. Taaleri thinks that financial profitability is the best way to steer capital to responsible ownership.

One success factor of the Taaleri Group is the strong business culture built on our values:

  • understanding the customer,
  • entrepreneurship,
  • mutual respect and
  • ethicalness.

Year after year, the strengths highlighted in personnel surveys include team spirit as well as pride in one’s work and in shared accomplishments. We are building our growth on this foundation.

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The Group’s long-term strategic targets of strong but controlled growth and increasing profitability will be achieved through growth in the Wealth Management and Energia segments’ assets under management and customer base, through strong growth in energy investments, and through profitable growth in the Financing segment’s insurance premiums. Taaleri’s strategic cornerstones are: a value-driven growth company, utiliser of new technology, enabler and front-runner.

Taaleri’s long-term targets are: continuing earnings growth at least 15 per cent, 
operating profit target of at least 20 per cent of income, return-on-equity of at least 15 per cent, and its equity ratio target of at least 30 per cent.

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Equity has grown on average 56% per annum since 2012

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Corporate responsibility is a key part of Taaleri’s strategy. For Taaleri, responsibility means making an impact and taking responsibility. Our goal is to produce significant societal and environ-mental benefits and to promote responsibility by implementing financially profitable projects together with our customers and partners. The more investors are aware of the implications in their investment, the better they will be able to take these factors into account when selecting their investments

The company strives to increase the amount of dividend it distributes, and to annually distribute a competitive dividend, with consideration to the company’s financial and financing situation as well as the Group’s capital adequacy requirement.

More info on the dividend:

Dividend and Dividend Policy

The aim of impact investing is not only financial gain, but also significant social or environmental benefit. Together with our customers we have invested for example in different forest and wind power funds since 2009.

We have already invested nearly EUR 1 billion in impact investments Taaleri’s renewable energy funds (Wind Power I-IV, SolarWind I and II) are not only great at generating financial returns, they have also reduced CO2 emissions by 1.2 million tonnes. The latest member of the fund family, Wind Power IV, is targeting a market yield of 7–9% per year and a reduction of approximately 820,000 tonnes in CO2 emissions. Other examples of Taaleri’s impact investments include the Rental Home Fund (reasonably priced rental homes), the Circular Economy Fund, and Forest Funds I and III. Together these funds have already made investments of nearly €1 billion.

And there are a lot of opportunities: Our existing funds are projected to reduce emissions by 14 million tonnes by 2030, which corresponds to the annual carbon footprint of 1.4 million Finns. We are constantly developing new impact investment opportunities for our customers, also in asset categories other than private equity funds.

Taaleri Energia is a Finnish-based wind and solar developer and fund manager and is currently raising its fifth renewable energy fund. We have one of the largest dedicated wind and solar investment teams in Europe. Taaleri Energia is the largest private equity owner-operator in the Finnish wind market, with 110 turbines producing approximately 1% of all the country’s electricity. Taaleri Energia is part of the Taaleri Group.

Taaleri Energia


Taaleri Kapitaali is Taaleri Group's corporate finance arm. Taaleri is one of the largest non-bank financial services groups in Finland.

Taaleri Kapitaali


Taaleri Group’s risks are divided into five main categories: strategic and business risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, market risk and operational risk (including compliance risk). In addition, Taaleri follows the development of political risks. The principles of Taaleri’s risk and capital adequacy management are described in note 36 to the 2018 Financial Statements.

The risk capacity of the Taaleri Group consists of a properly optimised capital structure, profitability of business operations and qualitative factors, including good corporate governance, internal control and proactive risk and capital adequacy management. Taaleri Group’s attitude towards risk-taking is based on careful consideration of an adequate risk/return relationship. Taaleri Plc’s Board of Directors has decided that the Group may not in its activities take a risk that jeopardises the target level set for the company’s own funds.

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