As of 1 April 2016, the shares are listed on the stock exchange maintained by Nasdaq Helsinki Oy.

Trading in the Taaleri share began on 24 April 2013 on the First North Finland marketplace. The trading code for Taaleri shares is TAALA.

Taaleri Fact Sheet 2020

Organizational Structure

Taaleri Values

One success factor of the Taaleri Group is the strong business culture built on our values:
Understanding the customer, Entrepreneurship, Mutual respect and Ethicalness.

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Cornerstones of Our Growth Strategy

A value-driven growth company, utiliser of new technology, enabler and frontrunner.

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Long-term Financial Targets

Taaleri’s long-term targets are: continuing earnings growth at least 15 per cent,
operating profit target of at least 20 per cent of income, return-on-equity of at least 15 per cent, and its equity ratio target of at least 30 per cent.

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Changes in Taaleri equity.

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Capital Adequacy and Solvency

Capital adequacy and Solvency calculations for Taaleri Group.

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Frequently asked questions by investors.

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Corporate responsibility is a key part of Taaleri’s strategy. Our goal is to produce significant societal and environmental benefits and to promote responsibility by implementing financially profitable projects together with our customers and partners.

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