Shares, Share Capital, Share Issues and Splits

Taaleri Plc’s shareholders’ equity was EUR 125,000.00 and the company had 28,350,620 registered shares.

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Treasury shares, assignments and authorizations

On 30 June 2019, the company possessed 45,000 treasury shares.

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Dividend and Dividend Policy

The company is endeavouring to increase the amount of dividend it distributes, and annually to distribute a competitive dividend, taking into account the company’s financial and financing situation and the capital adequacy requirements.

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Share Monitor and Tools

Taaleri share key figures, development and returns at different times. You can also download the information for yourself.



Trading of Taaleri shares started on 24 April 2013 on the First North Finland market place. Starting on 1 April 2016 the parent company Taaleri Plc’s share has been listed on the stock exchange list maintained by Nasdaq Helsinki Oy.

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Share Analysis

These two analysts follow Taaleri Plc. Taaleri is not responsible for their comments or assessments.

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