Principles of Corporate Governance

The duties and responsibilities of Taaleri Plc’s governing bodies are set out in the Finnish legislation, Taaleri Group’s corporate governance principles and in the charters of each governing bodies. In its operations, Taaleri Plc complies with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2020 published by the Securities Market Association. The Finnish Corporate Governance Code can be read in full at

In line with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code and in conjunction with the annual Financial Statements, Taaleri publishes a Corporate Governance Statement. The statement is available on Taaleri’s website at the address

General Meeting of Shareholders

Taaleri Plc’s highest governing body is the General Meeting, in which the shareholders exercise their decision-making powers. The notice of the General Meeting will contain a proposal for the agenda of the General Meeting and the shareholders will be provided with sufficient information on the matters to be dealt with before the meeting. The notice of the General Meeting, documents to be presented at the meeting and proposals for resolutions are presented on the website of the company no later than three weeks before the General Meeting.

The company informs in good time on its website the date by which the shareholder must notify to the Board of Directors of an issue that he or she demands to be ad-dressed at the annual general meeting. We will provide, no later than two weeks after the General Meeting, the minutes of the meeting with the results of any votes as well as attachments to the minutes, which are part of the decision of the General Meeting, shall be made available on the company's website. General meeting documents are kept on the company’s website for a period of no less than five years from the General Meeting in question.

The General Meeting is organized in such a way that shareholders can effectively exercise their ownership rights. The Chairman of the Board, a sufficient number of Board members and the Managing Director are present at the Annual General Meeting. In addition, the auditor has the right to attend the Annual General Meeting.