We are guided by entrepreneurship, ethicality, mutual respect and customer insight.


At Taaleri, entrepreneurship is all about working hard and assuming responsibility for one’s results. We are bold and enthusiastic about our work, making big things happen together.


By ethicality, we mean our responsibility for doing things right and following the rules that bind us all. All our employees take initiative, make their own choices and stand behind them. 

mutual respect

For us, mutual respect means never leaving anyone behind. We are all colleagues who value each other’s work. We strengthen our entrepreneurial culture and cherish our positive work community.

customer insight

Customer insight is about listening to customers and understanding their needs and goals. We are active and caring. We want to give our customers something more. Meeting us is always worth your while.

What Taaleri’s values mean to me – four Taaleri employees speak out

“Humour that creates a sense of community and team spirit eases the pressures caused by challenging work. Good humour at the workplace works best in the kinds of teams and groups where the people have mutual respect, the members of the group accept each other as they are, the communication is open, and everyone is committed to working towards a shared goal. When everyone, regardless of their job description or position, is working to reach the same end goal, working together becomes a joy that is contagious and it also shows in the bottom line.” Sophie Jolly



Ethicalness is about always making the right choices in every situation. It is a built-in way of operating that guides acting with respect for others and fairness. Everyone is responsible to others and themselves for the decisions they make, decisions they can stand behind with integrity.” Kati Salo  



"To me, customer insight means getting to the bottom of the company’s business goals and needs. In my opinion, thorough preparation by itself is not enough as deeper understanding usually evolves in customer meetings and interaction. This way, together with our clients, we can find ways for companies to achieve their goals and solve other business-related challenges." Peter Lallukka



Entrepreneurship, to me, represents freedom and also accountability for my own actions. I can push my own boundaries and build something new. I’m solely accountable for my successes and failures, and it forces a constant focus on the essential.” Antti Törmänen