Since the beginning, our operations have been driven by a fearless trail-blazing spirit and the desire to keep an open mind in finding new investment opportunities for our customers.

Taaleri was established in 2007 as a unique kind of Wealth Management Company named Taaleritehdas. We entered the market in the middle of the massive upset in the financial sector and still succeeded in accumulating a management portfolio worth a billion euros in only two years. We have specialised in innovative private equity funds since 2009. Through our different property, forest and wind power funds, among others, we have invested a total of more than €1.3 billion in Finland.

We were listed on the First North market place of Nasdaq Helsinki in 2013 and moved on to its main market in April 2016.

In ten years, we have grown from a start-up to a medium-sized listed company with a turnover of €67.2 million, managing €7.1 billion in assets 2019.


Taaleri is an agile and visionary Finnish financial service company. The shares of the parent company Taaleri Plc are listed on the stock exchange maintained by Nasdaq Helsinki Oy

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Taaleri Growth Strategy

Taaleri is a value-driven growth company which utilises new technology. Our history includes multiple acquisitions and sales of different types of business operations.

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